• Safety Lacquered Glass Films
  • Safety Lacquered Glass Films
  • Safety Lacquered Glass Films
  • Safety Lacquered Glass Films

What is 'LACSAFE'

'LACSAFE' is a revolutionary product in the global Glass Industry. A unique safety lacquered glass film that enhances and
decorates your interiors along with safety. A no mess and quick way solution to redefine clear glass surfaces.





Glass boards

Glass walls


Shatter Safe

LACSAFE Safety Glass Film when applied gives a protective layer and restricts the glass to break easily. In case of breakage LACSAFE holds the glass pieces together avoiding shattering and hence there is no harm or danger of cuts and wounds.

Strong & Durable

LACSAFE films are manufactured on state of the art machines and are made of high grade polyester material which gives LACSAFE high tensile strength and durability. Unlike regular films LACSAFE films give a high gloss and perfect even finish on the glass surface.

Moisture Resistant

Lacquered / Backpainted glasses are extensively used in water prone areas of interiors like Kitchen, Wash rooms, Shower panels, etc. With due time majority of backpainted glasses tend to absorb moisture and develop patches. LACSAFE films being polyester based are purely water resistant and do not develop any moisture or air patches.

high adhesion

LACSAFE films have high adhesion strength and when applied as instructed, hold the glass perfectly without any chance of loosening of film or formation of air pockets. LACSAFE films are manufactured in roll form but the stiffness and its high adhesion properties prevent them from rolling on edges after the application.